17 year old musical prodigy, hidden past, dead mother! I decided to give ole Gilly another chance. Despite What She Knew having a dumbass infertile psycho woman, the book wasn’t too bad overall. I thought this one was better though.

That being said, there is an infertility subplot and it hits quick. Unexplained infertility, so I can relate! I won’t go into much detail, but it definitely played a negative role in this character’s marriage without being a huge point of the book. Pregnancies are mentioned briefly.

One thing that is a huge point of the book is a baby. Womp womp. So there are lots of scenes involving the cute baby, the crying baby, the sleeping baby, etc.

Personally, I found the woe-is-me self pity of some of the characters much more off-putting than all the baby scenes.


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